SGS Frangible is a manufacturer of frangible towers, mast, poles for hoisting weather equipment’s (AWOS), ILS, Approach Lights etc. at Airports and Helipads. Both lattice and pole type frangible structures are manufactured for various airport applications. We also offer customised the height of the poles and towers as per customer specific requirements.

The towers and mast are made of fiber glass composites to provide frangibility in the products with strength and durability against high wind and Jet Blast.

SGS Frangible Towers have been successfully tested for full impact crash by 3rd party as per the ICAO guidelines Aerodrome Design Manual Part-6, Chapter 5 and US Department of Transportation, FAA Advisory Circular No 150/5345-45 C. The complex combinations of material and pulltrusion process enable us to achieve the characteristics required for frangibility as per ICAO guidelines. SGS Frangible Towers manufacturing facility including production of frangible poles and components and assembly to the level of finished product is spread over 20,000 Sq feet covered area located in the Industrial hub at Gurgaon, India.

Our main focus is to provide fully international compliant products abiding to all quality assurance procedures. SGS Frangible Towers are cost effective due to internal innovative process designs for manufacturing the frangible components used in making tower and other structures required at Airport.

SGS offers towers and pole from a height 1 m to 30 m as per the customer’s requirement. The towers above the height of 6 m are easily foldable for installation of tower base system. The offered towers and poles are as per international standard.


We, SGS Frangible Towers has first priority to meet customer’s expectations and ensure their peace of mind by delivering a excellence product and ownership experience at an excellent value. By satisfying our customers, we continue to prosper and grow, building a more secure future for our people and creating value for our stakeholders.


We are an innovative, industry-leading company that designs, manufactures, and distributes highly reliable, affordable frangible products and solutions.